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I need a new job.

I'm back to applying to every single thing I can see that looks remotely interesting.

It's been almost a month and I've just about had it working 6 days a week. I'm exhausted and I've stopped giving a crap. To make matters worse... they've decided to completely revamp the entire company. I took this position because it was a photography job and the sales part of it was extremely small. About a month ago, they came to us and said "Nevermind. This is a sales company. I need all of you to immediately be sales people and you all need to be the best. ITS BEEN TWO DAYS! WHY ARE YOU NOT SELLING A THOUSAND DOLLARS EVERYDAY?!"

To make matters worst, they completely changed how they determine how much we get paid. Basically, it's awful. I let them all know that I hated it and thought it was disgusting and they changed it a bit. It has made everyone in the office decide to quit and find new jobs though. I've already gotten 2 weeks notice from one girl, another has an interview on Tuesday for another job. I have a girl who let me know that a company is in the process of reviewing her resume and while the last girl hasn't told me anything... I'm pretty sure she's looking for a new position as well. When she doesn't like something she is always the first one to tell me exactly how she feels. The fact that I haven't heard from her a thing about the new pay system means she's lining something new up.

So yeah... I can only hope that I can find a new job before I'm the last one. I'm already exhausted, I can't imagine what it's going to be like if I have to train an entire new office all by myself. I can't do.
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So busy weekend. I'm not even sure where to start. So I'm just going to go one day at a time.

I drove to Las Vegas and picked Stacy up from the airport. From there we went to her co-workers wedding at Cesar's Palace and then to the Cosmopolitan hotel for the dinner.

Here's a pic of us wandering around Cesar's Palace. After a few unsuccessful selfie attempts, a nice gentlemen offered to help us out.

The wedding was beautiful and the dinner was amazing. Stacy had never been to Vegas before, but I think I was more disappointed that she couldn't spend more than a few hours there than she was. We got to see a little of the strip walking from the parking garage, to the wedding, and then to the dinner.

There one of the wedding guests recognized Stacy from High School (he then said he remembered me too, but I'm thinking that was a lie, lol). After dinner we gassed up my truck pulled some sweatpants on and drove back to LA.

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Thor: The Dark World

Y'all... it was amazing. I didn't really have large expectations (even though I was excited to see it) mostly because I wasn't too big on the first Thor movie. I watched the first one more because I knew I should and left that theater annoyed that I preferred Loki to Thor. Watched it a second time and liked it even less.

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