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09 November 2013 @ 12:04 am
Thor: The Dark World  
Y'all... it was amazing. I didn't really have large expectations (even though I was excited to see it) mostly because I wasn't too big on the first Thor movie. I watched the first one more because I knew I should and left that theater annoyed that I preferred Loki to Thor. Watched it a second time and liked it even less.

Thor: The Dark World, however, WAS AMAZING! I loved so much about that movie. It's sense of humor, its story, Zachary Levi, and OHMYGOD THE BROTHERS! I wouldn't call myself a Loki fangirl... but I'm kind of a Loki fangirl. Him and Thor were my favorite thing of all time.

Like all I can do is rave about how much fun I had while watching that movie. OH NOT TO MENTION THE SURPRISE CAMEO BY CHRIS EVANS! I was being kind of careful about spoilers so I'm not sure if that was a REALLY well kept secret or if I just was living under a rock, but I FLIPPED, lol.

The group I was with walked out raving about Frigga and how awesome she was. They want an origin story of her and I kind of agree because she was badass and I was so sad when she died. Although it was Loki's "death" scene which almost had me shed a tear. That bit... ugh. I kind of wanted to cheer when it was reveled he was alive and impersonating Odin. Not because he probably killed or best case scenario imprisoned his father but because that's gonna cause so much mayhem and I really wouldn't mind another movie with Loki vs. Thor.

Anyway, beautiful, perfect, I REALLY LIKED IT!

Still cracking up about the second after credits scene.